Embracing the County Spirit

Welcome, and thanks so much for visiting our store. 
Country Fox Clothing is all about embracing the Country spirit and being free through wonderful fashion and apparel, inspired by flowing bohemian styles and the open and beautiful Southern Tablelands that is our home.
After tree changing from Sydney to Southern Tablelands in September 2017 to spend more quality time with family and give the kids a country lifestyle, we decided to embrace the lifestyle and create Country Fox! We have so many ideas to build this community of Country Foxes.  Stay tuned for all the wonderful things to unfold. xx  #imacountryfox
a close up of a green field with a mountain in the background
Founding date
September 2018 - We are passionate about leaving great impressions and looking after our customers.  I really hope you enjoy your experience with our store and would love to hear your feedback xx
Dresses, jewellery, tops, shorts, pants, clothes, hats, buckles, kaftans, skirts, women's clothing, apparel, accessories and more ideas all the time.


Our prices are significantly lower than our competitors since we have relationships with our suppliers to ship directly to you, the customer!

This method reduces excess handling, storing and shipping fees, and keeps our prices low for our customers.